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NEW! Extractor Fan with Cyclonic Technology

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in your bathrooms and laundry room- anywhere excess moisture, smelly odors and gases, and mold and mildew build-up are a concern. The new Aero Pure Extractor Fan with Cyclonic Technology is quick and easy to install whether you are remodeling or starting a new construction project. No need to climb into the attic! Quickly installs from below the ceiling in the room. The lite-weight fan- just 5 lbs- secures to the ceiling with four dry wall anchors.

If remodeling, use existing 3 or 4" ductwork, wiring, and wall switch. Covers any opening 9.5 x 9.5" or less and may be used to replace ANY manufacturer's exhaust fan- in under 30 minutes!

For new construction, install from below the ceiling after the sheet rockers and painters have finished; no can or trim needed, and no missing parts! Fully integrated extractor fan with 1-piece mounting plate- no flaps, no ears!

     Aero Pure is committed to improving your Indoor Air Quality. Because air matters.